1 Aug 2007

Old classical PC games on Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS (NDS) is more than powerful enough to play several old PC games. Some porting is required, and luckily a lot of people have already done that. Usually, you just need the game files (which means you must either own the originally game, use the shareware version or, check if it's abandonware). It's time for a trip down memory lane trying out some old classics.

To be able to run, you must first have some kind of "memory card". I have, and can personally vouch for, DSX. You can read all about my experience with it in earlier posts..

1. Lemmings - First off is Lemmings! This (open source) version of Lemmings for NDS is a complete rewrite of Lemmings with close to 300 of the original levels. Installation was easy - and no dldi patching was necessary for DSX. Download here.

2. Doom - This version of Doom, called "DS Doom", even have multiplayer support using wireless. This version does not need dldi patching for DSX. But you do need Dooms WAD-files (shareware is fine). Homepage here.

3. Day of the Tentacle - Yes! The great adventure games from Lucasarts can be played on the NDS using a port of Scummvm. Scummvm is just a new engine, so you still need the data files. A whole range of adventure games can be played (Monkey Island 1 & 2, Sam & Max hit the road, Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2, ..). Download the NDS port of Scummvm here.

4. Hexen - Another old classic FPS game, based on the Doom engine. Fetch it here.

5. Quake - Yes, running Quake at full speed. Quite a nice port considered the NDS's 4MB of memory. You'll need the shareware version of the game file (PAK0.PAK) and/or the full game (PAK1.PAK).

Other games I would like to see ported to NDS, are from the Ultima series. Specifically Ultima 7 and 8 and Ultima Underworld 1 & 2. Great, great games! And since I've mention Lucasarts games, playing X-Wing and Tie-Fighter would also have been fun - which the NDS should be more than capable of. When it comes to Ultima 7, the Exult project have made a comment on porting to the NDS. - Oh, and not to forget Dungeon Keeper, Diablo, ...

Now, if only I had some more time to play games!

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