19 Apr 2010

How to make wine

My soon-to-be-wife and I are brewing delicious fortified wine. We do everything ourselves; we pick various berries, prepare and tap on bottles. This weekend we held a wine-tasting party, and I held a presentation of the whole wine-making-process.

Read more here (8.4MB, Norwegian): http://larsstrand.no/writings/pres/201004-Vin/Hjemmelaget-vin-2010.pdf


barsha said...

This is the most enjoyably post that i ever read.

How To Make Grape Wine

Bert Strand said...

My first try at a cab was a disaster (I think I ended up with some cleaning solution/acid in my batch). Since that

first attempt, I have found that it is both a science, and an art! My second batch was a success, and a good one if

I don't say so myself. I did find a website that helped a ton though (broke down and paid, but it really was well

worth it) at www.how-to-make-wine.com I am sure there are others too. Cheers...(clink)!