6 Jun 2010

A professional looking resume made in Latex

Some time ago, I needed an updated resume (and no, I could not "just send a Linkedin link"). I started editing it in OpenOffice, and was (again) struck by how terrible it is to edit, format and align a nice layout. I wanted to use something else - something like Latex.

I've been trying out some Latex resume templates, but none have been good enough (they often have terribly layout). I stumbled across the resume to Martin Michlmayr, and immediately spotted that it was created using Latex. It was nice, clean and looked professional - just what I was looking for. One email later, and he sent me the template he used. He has used and modified res, originally developed by someone else (Michael DeCorte in 1988 according to the header).

If you're interested, you can find the files here:
The only thing missing now is to include a profile picture. I tried a quick and simple includegraphics, but the picture did not float where I wanted, so I have to look into this later.

Update: I also need to check out the ModernCV Latex template: http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/moderncv/

Update: I've added support for a profile picture (April 2011).


Sravani said...

unable to open any of the links!..faced with a 404 not found error..can you upload the .tex and .cls file?

Unknown said...

Thanks, fixed!

Unknown said...

Hey ! its nice! Thanks . But could you please help me as i am facing error at these commands:


The error is

latex error \titlefont undefined etc,

but the starnge thing is the following commands do not get error

\renewcommand{\namefont}{\LARGE \bfseries}

Could u please guide me on this. Moreover, where did u put the update of photo?

Anonymous said...


\renewcommand{command} only works if the command is either standard latex or has previously been specified. Obviously, \titlefont is not a standard latex command. You probably forgot to save the .cls file provided by Lars above - all of the nonstandard commands are defined in there.


Unknown said...

Thanks for share this nice information.